RenewPasco is Working with Law Enforcement and Florida's Attorney General To Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking

Anti-human Trafficking - Parents, educate your kids about online safetyRenewPasco is prioritized around three Core Principles (Addiction Recover, Community Restoration and Child Reunification) and the abhorrent evils of Human trafficking are often involved in them.

The Attorney General’s office launched an Anti-Human Trafficking initiative on September 27, 2013 in Tampa called "From Instant Message to Instant Nightmare." See the attached web link for details. The Attorney General’s office is are making the posters available to the general public and encourage businesses to print and place them in prominent areas within their establishments for public information and is encouraging the public to report any suspicious activities that involves potential Human Trafficking to their local law enforcement agencies.

This information was provided by:
Emery A. Gainey, Director
Law Enforcement Relations & Division of Victim Services
Office of Attorney General Pam Bondi
PL-01 The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
The link to the press release and flyers are below: 
Press Release  |  Printable Flyers

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